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With Bowie’s Lancer 600, you can apply your product either from the working platform using the discharge cannon or from the ground using a hose. You can cover more area with less labor. This unit uses one clutch to operate the full size agitator and another to operate the pump. It is available as either a skid or trailer mounted unit. What ever your application needs are, you can rely upon Bowie’s “Built Strong….Built to Last” equipment.

Bowie Lancer 600 Product Brochure

Download additional spec sheets and operating manuals for the Bowie Lancer 600 Hydro-Mulcher® on our Resources page.


Standard Included Parts & Equipment

Engine: Kohler 25 hp EFI Air Cooled Gas 4-Nozzles (EC1735, EC1739 EC1740 & EC1749)
Pump: 2″ Bowie Gear Pump 4-Part F Quick Couplers
Length: Trailer 15’-9” (480 cm) Skid 11’-1” (338 cm) 1-Part D Quick Coupler
Width: Trailer 6’-5” (196 cm) Skid 5’-6” (168 cm) 1-2 5/16″ Ball (Trailer Mounted Only)
Height: Trailer 8’-9” (226 cm) Skid 7’-6” (198 cm) Spanner Wrench
Empty Weight: Trailer 3500 lbs (1588 kg) Skid 2560 lbs (1161 kg) Parts Manual
Approx. Loaded Weight: Trailer 8491 lbs (3851 kg) Skid 7551 lbs (3425 kg) Engine Manual
Liquid Capacity: 597 US Gallons (2260 Liters) Warranty
* Operating Dimensions All specifications subject to change without notice.