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Alternative Daily Cover Mulchers


Look no further! Only Bowie Alternative Daily Cover Machines are built tough to withstand the rigors of landfill usage. Alternative Daily Cover is a system whereby a specialized slurry of fibers, binding agents, and other ingredients, can be effectively substituted for daily soil cover on the landfill at the end of the day. ADC’s offer significant cost savings in daily operations and effectively extend the life of the landfill site. Commercially available ADC products are quickly mixed and applied by Bowie ADCM’s on-site. Sprayed-on ADC’s do a fine job of anchoring trash, suppressing dust, vector control, and even odor control. Approved and recommended by numerous Federal, State and Local Agencies nationwide. Check your area for details.

Bowie Industries manufactures two models of ADCM landfill machines, the ADCM 800 and the ADCM 1100. These units are identical in every feature other than tank capacity. Both models are mounted on large diameter, thick wall flotation tires and have a heavy-duty reinforced tongue with an adjustable hitch.

Bowie ADCM 800
Clear water flush system and capacity of 958 US Gallons.

Bowie ADCM 1100
Clear water flush system and capacity of 1135 US Gallons.

These units are powered by a 49 hp John Deere diesel engine and utilize a Bowie 3500 series gear pump providing greater discharge distance without cavitations or clogging problems. The mulch shredder bar provides faster loading and mixing without start-stop or reverse agitation. All units come with a clear water flush system for cleaning the pump and tower. For your daily landfill cover requirements, you can rely on Bowie’s “Built Strong…Built to Last” equipment!

ADCM 800/1100 Product Brochure

Download additional spec sheets and operating manuals for the Bowie ADCM 800/1100 Alternative Daily Cover Mulcher on our Resources page.


Standard Included Parts & Equipment

With John Deere Engine: John Deere Diesel 99 HP T3-Export With Kohler Engine: Kohler 74 hp FT4 Diesel Engine DOC Only 4 Nozzles (EC1735, EC1739, EC1740, EC1749)
Pump: 5″ X 3″ Centrifugal Pump 4-Part F Quick Couplers
Length: 16’-4” (475 cm)* 1-Part D Quick Coupler
Width: 7’-9” (236 cm)* 1-Reducer (EC1724)
Height With John Deere Engine: 8’-2” (248 cm)* Height With Kohler Engine: 9’-8” (295 cm)* Spanner Wrench
Empty Weight With John Deere Engine: 8337 lbs (3782 kg) Empty Weight With Kohler Engine: 10615 lbs (4815 kg) Parts Manual Engine Manual
Liquid Capacity With John Deere Engine: 1808 US Gallons (6844 Liters) Liquid Capacity With Kohler: 3171 US Gallons (12004 Liters) Warranty
Optional Equipment: Clear Water Flush System Engine PTO Ground Control Hose Reel
* Operating Dimensions All specifications subject to change without notice.