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Bowie Imperial 3000


Bowie’s Imperial 3000 Hydro-Mulcher® is the choice for maximum production, efficiency, and dependability. Nothing compares to this Bowie Imperial 3000 for the large seeding and mulching jobs. It has greater distance than competitive machines of this size.

The “Built Strong…Built to Last” construction of this Hydro-Mulcher® means it will be on the job year after year. The agitation is smooth and strong throughout the power range making for less fatigue on the equipment and operator. The custom engineering of the Bowie Imperial 3000 can make this unit a perfect fit for your operation.

Hydro-Mulcher®, HydroSeeder™, Hydrograsser™, or hydraulic planter, whatever you choose to call them, these versatile machines are used to quickly seed large areas for erosion control or reclamation. The same hydromulchers are also used to plant high quality turfgrasses for residential, commercial, golf, and sportsfield uses.

Bowie Imperial 3000 Product Brochure

Download additional spec sheets and operating manuals for the Bowie Imperial 3000 Hydro-Mulcher® on our Resources page.


Standard Included Parts & Equipment

Pump: 5″ X 3″ Centrifugal Pump 4 Nozzles (EC1735, EC1739, EC1740, EC1749)
Length: 19’-10” (605 cm)* 4-Part F Quick Couplers
Width: 7’-9” (236 cm)* 1-Part D Quick Coupler
Height: 9’-8” (295 cm)* Spanner Wrench
Empty Weight: 10615 lbs (4815 kg) Parts Manual, Engine Manual
Liquid Capacity: 3171 US Gallons (12004 Liters) Warranty
Optional Equipment:
Clear Water Flush System
Engine PTO Ground Control
Hose Reel
* Operating Dimensions All specifications subject to change without notice.