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Bowie’s Victor 800 Classic is one of our most popular Hydro-Mulchers. The low maintenance, ease of use, and high productivity of the Bowie Victor 800 Hydro-Mulcher® makes it a smart choice.

The Classic model delivers high performance in an economical package. With its many options, this piece of equipment makes it just right for your hydro-mulching needs. All Bowie Victor Models come standard with an integrated shredder box and two internal mixing shafts, and an enclosed top deck with tower gun.

Bowie Victor 800 Classic Product Brochure

Download additional spec sheets and operating manuals for the Bowie Victor 800 Classic Hydro-Mulcher® on our Resources page.


Standard Included Parts & Equipment

Engine: Kohler 37 hp Air-Cooled Gas (4) Nozzles
Length: Trailer 17’-2” (554 cm) Skid 10’-11” (363 cm) (4) Part F Quick Couplers
Width: Trailer 7’-5” (226 cm) Skid 6’-5” (185 cm) (1) Part D Quick Coupler
Height: Trailer 9’-2” (287 cm) Skid 8’-5” (234 cm) (4) 2-5/16″ Ball (Trailers)
Empty Weight: Trailer 5064 lbs (2297 kg) Skid 3900 lbs (1769 kg) Spanner Wrench
Pump Options: 2″ Bowie Gear Pump Parts Manual Engine Manual
Liquid Capacity: 958 US Gallons (3626 Liters) Warranty
Optional Equipment: Clear Water Flush System
* Operating Dimensions All specifications subject to change without notice.