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Sow good seed with Evergreen!

We carry landscape and erosion equipment manufactured by Bowie Industries, Inc. that is ‘Built Strong…..Built to Last’

We have a wide range of Hydro-Mulchers®ADC’s (Landfill cover)Aero-Mulchers (Strawblowers), and our Crimp Disc, that are adaptable to practically any seeding situation. If you’re controlling erosion, restoring distressed lands, planting professional-grade turf for golf courses, or just planting hundreds of new home lawns each year, we have the equipment that’s right for you!

Serving all of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Rugged and Dependable.

Bowie Hydro-Mulchers® are built to perform, wherever your jobs take you. Test one and you’ll see that they work as hard as you do!

Bowie covers the field . . .

Our customers are generally Contractors, specializing in reclamation, erosion control, grassing, landscaping, dust control, or some combination thereof. Many of our customers are from the Public Sector, such as Federal (BLM), State (DOT’s), Local (Water/Flood Control Districts), and other agencies operating Bowie Hydro-Mulchers® in the course of their day-to-day operations. Another significant part of our customer base is the Resort, Golf Course, Mining Operation, Timber Company, Land Developer, Landfill Operator, Oil Company, or even Foreign Country, with enough in-house work to buy one or more Bowie Hydro-Mulchers® and operate them themselves.

When it comes to landscaping needs, “Bowie covers the field!”

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